Headache Relief

Recently, my good friend started to sell essential oils. I always feels that I have to buy something every time one of my friends starts a journey. I ordered several oils and they sat for months.

I had very little knowledge regarding essential oils. I was under the impression they made your house smell good. (Turns out I was very wrong. I have done a lot of research recently!)

After complaining about a headache and allergies, my friend mentioned that my oils could help. I was skeptical, but at this point I didn’t have anything to lose.

What’s in my favorite roller bottle???

I mixed equal parts of peppermint oil and lavender oil. I filled the rest of the roller ball with almond oil.

It was that simple! As soon as I feel a headache coming on, I roll a little bit on each temple and my neck. It’s amazing how well it works!

I’m not saying I’ve replaced my ibuprofen, but I have limited the amount I take.

My only advice is to research the oil company you choose to use. Not oils are made the same! I choose to use Young Living, and not just because my friend sells it.

Mom Guilt – Summer Edition

Summer break starts next week for most kids. Three months of freedom to play. Three months to play outside and going swimming. Three months of staying up a little later and sleeping in. Three months of being care free.

All of this sounds wonderful, unless your the child of two full time working parents. While summer break is here, my kids still have a strict bedtime. They will still go to daycare each day and follow a structured schedule. They won’t have an endless amount of time to play outside.

They are too little right now to realize they are missing out, but soon they will know. Soon they will question why I work while all of their friends’ moms are home.

I feel guilty for robbing them of the carefree summers I had. I knew working would mean sacrifices, but I hate when it is them who have to make the sacrifices.

I know all of the reasons I have decided to work outweigh the reasons to stay home, but sometimes I question my decision. In the near future, they will hold that same decision against me.

What’s worse that one kid with the flu? Two!

I’ve been a little preoccupied recently. In April, we had exactly ONE week where we were not at the doctor’s office with one of the boys.

It started off with the youngest having pneumonia. The following week the oldest had strep. Finally, we had a week that went smoothly!

This past weekend started with the youngest having a slight fever. I was hoping he was just getting teeth. As his temperature continued to rise, I was hoping for an ear infection!! Yes, that may sound awful, but he was scheduled for ear tubes on Tuesday. An ear infection would be best case at this point.

They checked his lungs first – they were clear! Ears were next. Fingers crossed for that ear infection. Wrong! They were clear. So they decided it was viral and they should swab him for the flu. Sure enough, it was positive!

Ear tube surgery has now been cancelled. I have to wait until his flu clears, and then we can schedule it for 4 weeks out. Four weeks!!!

For good reason, the little guy has been miserable. To add to the chaos, his older brother now has it as well!

Two toddlers with the flu. They are cranky. Extra needy. And there is only one mom. The other cries when I’m not with them.

It’s May! We should be outside enjoying the warm weather! Let’s hope this is the last of the sickness in our house for awhile.

Unblemished Review – Day 10

I meant to update after a week, but life happens. Corporate life has been taking up too much of my time recently.

Anyway, 10 days ago I started to use Unblemish from Rodan & Fields twice a day. Every morning and night I would wash my face and use the toner. I only used the creams/lotions at night. My face is so oily to begin with, I can risk lotion before makeup.

***I am not a consultant. Just giving my honest feedback***

I have very pleased with the results! My face has cleared up considerably in the last 10 days. By no means will I go makeup free, but there is less to coverup!

The wash and toner leave my face feeling clean. Surprisingly, the lotions at night do not increase the oiliness of my face. I feel like my makeup lays nicer now, and I have more confidence.

Spring in Near!!

I live in the northeast. While it’s technically spring, it has still been cold and snowy. Tonight’s low is only 57! Tomorrow it is supposed to be close to 80 degrees!!

I suffer from anxiety, but my anxiety is always worse in the winter months. The idea of being in the warm air is a welcomed relief. I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

One thing I LOVE about spring time is sleeping with the windows open. It’s just the right temperature to let the fresh air in as we sleep. I like to believe I am “airing the house out.”

Spring also means it’s time to get the boys outside! Let them run their energy off and get away from the screens in their lives.

Can you tell I love the warm weather? I think I’m a southern girl at heart!

I know not to get too excited, because Monday it will be back to 35 degrees. Welcome to the northeast!

Acne in my 30s – Unblemish

I’ve always had skin problems. Growing up, my teenager years were filled with concealer and trips to the dermatologist.

Some of the remedies from the doctor worked, but I felt they weren’t good to use long term.

Tanning beds helped, but now that I’m older I’d rather steer clear of them.

I had a lot of success with Proactiv, but it bleached my towels and pillowcases. After having kids, I didn’t want to risk having the chemicals near their skin.

I have been searching for a skincare line that can help my acne. I have tried Unblemish from Rodan & Fields, but not consistently.

I’m going to give Unblemish one more go before I call it quits. Here is my before picture:

Please note- I do not sell R&F. I am receiving no compensation from this review.

I will follow up soon. Hopefully with a good update.

Feel free to share any products that have helped you!