My Journey Changes Tomorrow

Everyone has their own journey.  Maybe your life is exactly how you dreamed it would be, or maybe you realize it is time for a change.

My struggle seems to be a common one in today’s society.  I am overweight.  I have never been the skinny girl, but today I weigh more than I ever have (not including pregnancy.)

I can try and make excuses as to why I am overweight.  I gave birth to two beautiful boys.  I bounced back quickly after the first pregnancy.  I was almost my pre-pregnancy weight by the time I bought home that bundle of joy.

The second pregnancy proved to be more challenging.  I suffered with postpartum depression/anxiety.  I was consumed by my feelings day in and day out.  Eating was my way to make myself feel better.

Now that I have a handle on my emotions, I think it is time to start focusing on my body.  Becoming healthier should help my lingering anxiety as well.

I am self-conscious.  I know I am unhealthy.  I want to feel better about myself.  I am not setting out to obtain the approval of other, but I am setting out to make myself healthy.

Tomorrow my journey changes.  I want to document my journey.  It will help me stay accountable, and help me look back at my progress.

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