Week One Check In 

A week ago (yesterday) I decided to make a change.  It will be a slow and gradual change, because anytime I jump all in I fail.

This week, I focused on logging my food.  After logging for just one day, I can easily see why my weight has continued to climb!

I have made small changes throughout the week.  Switching out snack with snacks that are slightly better.  I have tried to reduce the amount of carbs I was consuming.  By no means did I follow the Keto diet, because I know I would fail.  I need to slowly cut down my carbs until I can get to a point where the Keto diet would be possible!

So weigh in time!

Last Sunday, I weighed in at 151.9!  This is an all time high for me.

This past Monday, I am happy to say I am down to 149.5.

I hoping my weekly check ins will help keep me accountable.  I need the accountability to keep me focused and on track.

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