5 Obstacles I Face When Trying to Lose Weight

When starting out on a weight loss journey, there are going to be obstacles.  If losing weight was easy, it wouldn’t be a journey! Here are a list of my biggest hurdles I will have to clear in order to see progress: 

1. CRAVINGS!   I am used to eating certain meals/treats, it is certainly hard to kick the habit cold turkey.  I have found cutting back on my favorites a little bit at a time has helped keep me on track.  Not giving into the occasional temptation can sometimes lead to binge eat.  I know from experience!

2. Failing to Meal Plan.  Going shopping for the week without a plan…is a bad plan!  I have found that when I have meals listed out for the week, I buy all of the ingredients necessary and have no reason to slack on my eating choices. If I don’t plan before grocery shopping, I buy a lot of food that I “think” I will need for the week.  I end up with a fridge full of food that does not make meals!  
3. Kids.  Other moms will agree that it is easy to take bites of the kids’ meals while preparing.  When I started logging my food, it was eye opening how much those “little bites” add up to be!  Healthy choices or not, they still added extra calories that I was l not thinking about. 
4. Weight Loss.  This one may seem odd, but it does throw my focus off.  When I start to lose weight, I suddenly think I can cheat on my meals slightly.  This is a BIG mistake.  Those extra cheat bites/meals land me right back at my starting weight.  I need to view my weight loss as progress and stay focused! 

5. Stress.  Everyone has stress in their lives.  I tend to eat when I am stressed.  It is very easy while I’m sitting at my desk at work to have an extra snack without even noticing.  I have cleaned out my work area of unhealthy foods, and replaced with healthier options.  Cutting them out completely would be the best option, but refer to number 1!  In time, I will be able to eliminate most the snacks!

Everyone has their own road blocks.  How we handle them is what is important.  

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