Change of Plans

Today was planned to be a busy day.

My Gram has been ill and is in the hospital. The plan was to drop the kids off at the in laws, and go into town to see her.

After, we had our friends daughters birthday party.

Cue the early morning wake up from our littlest. He had caught the stomach bug that our older one had on Wednesday. Knowing that my oldest only threw up once, I wasn’t too worry.

Turns out, I should have been worried! My little did not stop throwing up for the next 7 hours!!

We had to take him to Children’s Express walk-in because he couldn’t keep anything down. Being so little, I was nervous he was going to become dehydrated.

As it always works out, when we got there he started to keep fluids down. I’m thankful, but isn’t how it always works? As soon as you get to the doctor they are better! Luckily, we were able to avoid a trip to the ER for fluids. He had 11 minutes left to pee or we would have been on our way to the hospital.

Needless to say, we didn’t make it to visit my Gram or the birthday party. #lifeofatoddlermom

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