5 Ways to keep your kids busy when you’re snowed in

We live in the northeast, and we got hit with a snow/ice storm last night into this morning. While I am thankful all of my friends and family stayed safe, it also means our little family was snowed in for an entire Saturday! I love snow days when it means I get to miss work, but a snow day on a weekend does not get the same excitement from me.

I needed ways to keep my sanity today. Here are a few activities that helped keep them occupied throughout the day.

1. Play time in the tub

My Littles receive a lot of new bath toys for Christmas. They were more than excited to jump in and play with their toys. This may have lasted 30 whole minutes before they were fighting to the point of tears with each other.

2. Netflix – Word Party marathon

Before anyone tells me how bad screen time is, I’m going to try and defend myself by saying this is “educational.” My oldest loves watching Word Party and it is geared towards teaching kids new words. *Warning- The songs are catchy and you may find yourself singing them*

3. Snacks

If your toddlers are like mine, they need approximately 685 snacks a day. Mainly because they refuse to eat any meal I actually prepare, but that’s a different issue. Today I used snack breaks to my advantage. Anytime there was any whining. I offered a snack.

4. Send them outside with day to play in the snow

This only worked for my oldest. My youngest was down for his nap, so this was the perfect time to catch 20 minutes of peace and quiet. That’s right, 20 minutes of quiet while I cleaned up every toy that was taken out during the morning.

5. Break out the air mattress

Every toddler loves bouncing and jumping. I pulled out the air mattress and this kept them busy for about 2 hours!! And it helped to burn off the extra energy they had from being home all day. Who would have thought that an air mattress would be so fun?

If you’re in the northeast, I hope you survived our snow/ice storm with your sanity! I’m looking forward to hitting the grocery store tomorrow just to get out of the house!

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