Haircuts – My 3 year old’s biggest struggle

My toddler, like many others, hates getting his hair cut. It is normally a big production that includes kicking, screaming, and lots of tears.

His last hair cut was less than a month ago, and he screamed so much that we left the top longer and just got out of there. So, that meant we needed to get a hair cut again already.

I prepped him by telling him we were going. He willing went. I used bribery on the way. I let him know we would stop for McDonalds if he could make it through the haircut today.

We started out the appointment by him laying of the floor. He screamed some and cried. But for the most part, it wasn’t as terrible as normal. We both left covered in hair, but overall I was happy because his hair is short and we won’t have to return for 2 months.

He was rewarded with his McDonalds.

I don’t understand why this is such a traumatic experience every time for him. By the time we get to the car, he is happy and tells me he loves getting his hair cut.

I pray he grows out of this stage soon. Ideally in the next two months!

2 thoughts on “Haircuts – My 3 year old’s biggest struggle

  1. My 3 year old reacts the same way! But we seemed to have a breakthrough last time. We told him what was going to happen every day for a week and then he was fine as long as he could sit on his dad’s lap. Hope? Maybe it’s normal at this age? Good luck!

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