How do Working Moms Find Time to Workout

I’ve been saying for months that it’s time for me to start working out again. Problem is, I can’t seem to find time to fit it into my schedule.

Before everyone starts with the cliche sayings, my schedule is jam packed!

We wake up at 5am on the weekdays. We shower and get ready for the day. We leave the house by 7am. I drop them off at daycare and get to work a little after 8am. I get off of work at 5pm and get back to daycare by 545pm. We get home around 6pm and we start dinner. By the time we eat and clean up, it’s after 7pm. We do bath time for both of them and the little one does bedtime at 8pm. The big one goes to bed at 9pm.

Typically, I then get lunches ready for the next day and run the dishwasher. By this point, I’m tired and want some down time.

I’m sure after the kids go to bed is the ideal time to get my work out in, but then I’m not tired right away. If I stay up until 11pm, I can only get 6 hours of sleep. To add to the mix, my youngest doesn’t sleep through the night. He still gets up one to two times a night.

Suggestions are welcome!!

2 thoughts on “How do Working Moms Find Time to Workout

  1. My mom stayed at home, but with 3 of us it was always busy. She would try to have us do it with her, but of course we got bored after 2 minutes and got our toys out instead. I’ve known some working moms have made dinner for the whole week and either froze it or made sure they could just cook it instead of prep and cook. Same with lunches. Might shave off some time to make time for something else. Or my dad likes to joke: don’t sleep. Good luck!


    1. I’ve tried the working out with them up and playing. It always leads to guilt when they want me to play too. I should give meal prep for the week a try. A little work at the beginning of the week could give me more time during the week. It’s worth a try! Thank you!!


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