Shoutout to All the Single Moms!

My husband has come down with strep/the flu. A man with the ACTUAL flu and not just the “man flu.” He was down for the count. I mean, I literally didn’t even talk to him for almost 24 hours!

Since we have two Little’s and I opted out of the flu vaccines, my husband stayed with his parents after his diagnosis. I know the boys were already exposed, but why continue to expose them.

This meant I would pick up the boys, do dinner, dishes, baths, playtime, bedtime routine, wake them up, get them dressed, get lunches, get them to daycare, and get to work on time. Let’s be honest, I normally do all of that but the husband sometimes helps with baths and playtime. I had this added pressure knowing that I was on my own. I had no backup. I was outnumbered!

I just wanted to give a shout out to those single moms who do this EVERY DAY. In case no one has told you today, YOU ROCK! You guys deserve some recognition and a vacation. I know as Moms we do what we have to do without thinking, but it doesn’t mean it is always easy.

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