How I got my 3 Yr Old to take his Vitamins daily


Is anyone surprised with this answer? Every imaginable virus has hit daycare hard last week. I have fought him for weeks about taking his daily vitamin, but never won.

Last week, I decided it wasn’t an option anymore. It was really my only way of feeling like I am helping prevent illness.

I offered fruit snacks.

I offered ice cream.

I offered M&Ms.

I threatened bedtime!

Finally, I threatened no IPad!!!

We had a winner. Everyday to “earn” his IPad privileges he has to take his vitamin. So days takes longer than others, but he ALWAYS gives in.

Anyone have any tricks they use to get their kids to take their vitamins?

2 thoughts on “How I got my 3 Yr Old to take his Vitamins daily

  1. My son loves fruit snacks so it was easy getting him to take a gummy vitamin, and it’s especially rewarding since he only gets one a day, which is also the hard part since he always wants more.

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    1. Mine loved the gummy ones too!! He would cry when he couldn’t have more! It’s my fault for changing the vitamin up. I should have stuck with what worked, but I wanted him to try the ones with the probiotic in it.

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