Work Life Balance – Is it really as common as everyone says?

Everyone talks about work/life balance. There are companies who really prioritize work/life balance. Google is a common example. How common is it though?

I have been fortunate enough to work my normal 8-5 job at a place that is flexible. By flexibility, I have the option to work from home as needed. It cannot be on a consistent basis, but if the kids come down with something, I have the ability.

While this seems like a perk, lately I have been wondering if it really is or not. If my kid is sick, I don’t have to take a sick day, but trying to work and tend to them is not an easy task. If fact, it’s very stressful. I sometimes wish I could just take the day off and cuddle them.

Another “benefit” of my flexibility is that I can leave on time to pick the kids up from daycare and put any extra hours in from home. Again, this is a great option as I never have to worry about staying late, but sometimes it means I don’t get to spend time with my kids. If I do decide to not log in from home, I’m constantly feeling like I should be online. It’s hard to disconnect and take a break.

Recently with all of my “flexibility” I have had to work 70+ hours a week for my 8-5 job. It leaves little time to spend time with the family even though I am home. It is taking a toll on me and my family.

Sometimes I do wish I didn’t have the ability to work from home. After leaving for the day, I would be free to do what I wanted.

Will we ever get to a point that an 8-5 job is just that?

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