I Have The Class Biter

I’ve been on the other side. Picking up my oldest, I would be signing at least one “accident” report a week. Some weeks, he would get bit two or three times.

Well, roles are reversed. When I picked the boys up from daycare today, they informed me that my little one bit 5 times today! I was flooded with dread. I now have the kid that everyone will label as the bad kid.

Let’s be clear, I saw this coming. At home when he gets angry he has bitten me. He has bitten his dad, and his brother. I tried the “bite him back” method. Needless to say it hasn’t worked for my tiny tot.

My little guy himself has been bitten. He knows what it feels like, but he continues this behavior.

I’m at a loss for what to do. Out Daycare has a policy that if they bite so many times in a day, they have to go home. I need to stop this habit now. Anyone have any advice??

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