Online Grocery Pickup

Grocery pickup has FINALLY arrived in my hometown. And let me tell you, I cannot be more excited!!

I get it, a lot of people think it’s the lazy way out. I’m here to tell you differently!

Every week, I spend approximately 2 hours grocery shopping. Normally, I don’t have a list and I’m just winging it. I’m not always sure what I want, so I end up going down every aisle. Even when I get there at 7am, there are still crowds to fight.

When I finally think I have everything, I remember I have forgotten something on the other side of the store! Then the dreaded checkout line. I literally spend 20-30 minutes waiting in line every week!!!

With grocery pick up, I now have more time to spend with my children. As a working mom, I value the extra time with them.

It has also helped me cut down on my grocery bill. I now can add items to my cart throughout the week, and keep track of my total as I go. It has eliminated impulse buys.

I’m sure there are some negatives, but the positive far out weigh the negatives for me!

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