Day 1 – I modified the modifier

Spoiler alert – I finally worked out today.

I’ve been feeling sluggish recently. I know I’m out of shape. I look it and I feel it. I feel old.

I’ve said more times than I can count that I would start working out and eating healthy. I have have more day 1s than I’m willing to admit.

This time, it will be different. I know I’ve said that before as well, but it will be this time. Why will it be different? I’m allowing myself to mess up. I’ve built “cheat” meals into my plan. What? That’s not allowed? Says who?

I’ve also committed to myself that I will start to work out. Not everyday, but I will workout. I will show up. Even if that means I modify, I will show up.

At the end of the day, the only person I have to impress is myself. The only person I will be letting down is myself. I refuse to stop letting down the one person that I should never let down.

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