Acne in my 30s – Unblemish

I’ve always had skin problems. Growing up, my teenager years were filled with concealer and trips to the dermatologist.

Some of the remedies from the doctor worked, but I felt they weren’t good to use long term.

Tanning beds helped, but now that I’m older I’d rather steer clear of them.

I had a lot of success with Proactiv, but it bleached my towels and pillowcases. After having kids, I didn’t want to risk having the chemicals near their skin.

I have been searching for a skincare line that can help my acne. I have tried Unblemish from Rodan & Fields, but not consistently.

I’m going to give Unblemish one more go before I call it quits. Here is my before picture:

Please note- I do not sell R&F. I am receiving no compensation from this review.

I will follow up soon. Hopefully with a good update.

Feel free to share any products that have helped you!

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