Day 1 – I modified the modifier

Spoiler alert – I finally worked out today.

I’ve been feeling sluggish recently. I know I’m out of shape. I look it and I feel it. I feel old.

I’ve said more times than I can count that I would start working out and eating healthy. I have have more day 1s than I’m willing to admit.

This time, it will be different. I know I’ve said that before as well, but it will be this time. Why will it be different? I’m allowing myself to mess up. I’ve built “cheat” meals into my plan. What? That’s not allowed? Says who?

I’ve also committed to myself that I will start to work out. Not everyday, but I will workout. I will show up. Even if that means I modify, I will show up.

At the end of the day, the only person I have to impress is myself. The only person I will be letting down is myself. I refuse to stop letting down the one person that I should never let down.

How do Working Moms Find Time to Workout

I’ve been saying for months that it’s time for me to start working out again. Problem is, I can’t seem to find time to fit it into my schedule.

Before everyone starts with the cliche sayings, my schedule is jam packed!

We wake up at 5am on the weekdays. We shower and get ready for the day. We leave the house by 7am. I drop them off at daycare and get to work a little after 8am. I get off of work at 5pm and get back to daycare by 545pm. We get home around 6pm and we start dinner. By the time we eat and clean up, it’s after 7pm. We do bath time for both of them and the little one does bedtime at 8pm. The big one goes to bed at 9pm.

Typically, I then get lunches ready for the next day and run the dishwasher. By this point, I’m tired and want some down time.

I’m sure after the kids go to bed is the ideal time to get my work out in, but then I’m not tired right away. If I stay up until 11pm, I can only get 6 hours of sleep. To add to the mix, my youngest doesn’t sleep through the night. He still gets up one to two times a night.

Suggestions are welcome!!

2018 – You Will Be My Year

Day one of a new year.  For some reason, a new year is a hard starting point for people.  Everyone makes promises to themselves on how they want to better themselves in the upcoming year.  Some people decide not to make resolutions.  My thoughts on the subject, why not set new goals for yourself?  Yes, you may not be able to accomplish all of the goals on your list.  But, why would you not want to try and better yourself each year?  Maybe this year’s resolution is to continue pursuing your goal from last year that you have yet to fully accomplish.  There will be ups and downs on your way to achievement, but you have to continue to pursue your goal if it is something that you really want.

I will be setting goals for 2018.  I will try and accomplish as much as I can towards these goals,  If they are not complete by the end of 2018, I will continue on my journey in 2019.

My goals this year include:

  • I want to be present more when spending time with my family.Social media, worry, chores, and anxiety all keep me from really focusing on my family when we are together.  Nothing makes me feel more guilty then not enjoying the time I do have to spend with them.  My time is limited due to working full time.
  • I want to take more pictures of my family (including pictures of myself with my boys.)I have looked at my Timehop everyday for the past 6 months.  I noticed I was very good at taking pictures when my first son was born.  I have been slacking recently.  Also, I am very rarely in any of the pictures I take.  I need to stop worrying about what others may think about my appearance.  I want to be able to look back and remember the moments I had with my children and husband.
  • I want to take time for myself to help better myself.I have been unhappy with my appearance since having my second child.  The pounds didn’t fall off like after having my first.  I had severe postpartum anxiety/depression after my second as well.  Some anxiety has still lingered, and I fully believe if I have time to focus on myself I will begin to feel better about myself.  A mother/wife can not continue to pour if her cup is empty.  I believe every every mom needs time to focus on herself.  I plan to use my time to exercise and focus on meal planning.  I have also been using a product line that has helped with my anxiety.  I plan to take time to share these products with others.  If I can help one person, then sharing is worth it.

Sharing my goals will help give me accountability.   Write your goals down.  Share them with family or friends.  Or, share them in a group that will help give your support in achieving your goals.

Happy New Year.  Here’s to day one or our new chapter!

Face to Face Friday

I was going through my Timehop and a picture of me popped up from last year at this time. I was 2 months postpartum, and smaller than I am now!

Postpartum depression/anxiety hit me hard this time around. It was exactly a year ago today that I had the first panic attack that crippled my life. I could not force myself to drive for the next 4-5 months! That’s a long time when you work full time.

I was lucky enough to have the support of my family to get through one of the darkest times of my life. Also, I was lucky enough to have found supplements that could help as well. I tried many medications, but I could not get past the side effects.

This picture is just a reminder for me. Of where I was a year ago, how far I have come, and how far I still want to go on my current journey.

FitMiss Protein Powder

I have been struggling to find a meal replacement shake that I like and that is within my budget.

I drank Shakeology for 6 months, and I loved it!  Unfortunately, with 2 small boys in daycare, Shakeology is just not in my budget.

I have done some research, and I have seen great reviews for FitMiss.

I went out and bought a tub of it.  I had a light dinner and had a shake tonight.

I bought the Chocolate Delight and mixed it with unsweetened almond milk and some PB2.  The taste wasn’t bad.  It does not taste as great as Shakeology, but I feel I can get past it.

I will try blending it tomorrow to see how it tastes with a banana and some ice added as well!!

Week 2 Results – Not the Best

Week 2 results are in, and I gained.  I’m definitely not happy, but I’m still down from my starting weight.

I’ve been logging some of my food, but as soon as I get home from work I lose focus.

My goal for this week is to track ALL of my food – good and bad.  Let’s be honest, slips up once in awhile.  We’re only human, right?

My week ahead will be challenging.  Today is my youngest son’s birthday.  My oldest son’s birthday is on Friday.  Their birthday party is on Saturday.  There will be a lot of temptation, and I just need to keep M-O-D-E-R-A-T-I-O-N in mind. 



5 Obstacles I Face When Trying to Lose Weight

When starting out on a weight loss journey, there are going to be obstacles.  If losing weight was easy, it wouldn’t be a journey! Here are a list of my biggest hurdles I will have to clear in order to see progress: 

1. CRAVINGS!   I am used to eating certain meals/treats, it is certainly hard to kick the habit cold turkey.  I have found cutting back on my favorites a little bit at a time has helped keep me on track.  Not giving into the occasional temptation can sometimes lead to binge eat.  I know from experience!

2. Failing to Meal Plan.  Going shopping for the week without a plan…is a bad plan!  I have found that when I have meals listed out for the week, I buy all of the ingredients necessary and have no reason to slack on my eating choices. If I don’t plan before grocery shopping, I buy a lot of food that I “think” I will need for the week.  I end up with a fridge full of food that does not make meals!  
3. Kids.  Other moms will agree that it is easy to take bites of the kids’ meals while preparing.  When I started logging my food, it was eye opening how much those “little bites” add up to be!  Healthy choices or not, they still added extra calories that I was l not thinking about. 
4. Weight Loss.  This one may seem odd, but it does throw my focus off.  When I start to lose weight, I suddenly think I can cheat on my meals slightly.  This is a BIG mistake.  Those extra cheat bites/meals land me right back at my starting weight.  I need to view my weight loss as progress and stay focused! 

5. Stress.  Everyone has stress in their lives.  I tend to eat when I am stressed.  It is very easy while I’m sitting at my desk at work to have an extra snack without even noticing.  I have cleaned out my work area of unhealthy foods, and replaced with healthier options.  Cutting them out completely would be the best option, but refer to number 1!  In time, I will be able to eliminate most the snacks!

Everyone has their own road blocks.  How we handle them is what is important.