I Have The Class Biter

I’ve been on the other side. Picking up my oldest, I would be signing at least one “accident” report a week. Some weeks, he would get bit two or three times.

Well, roles are reversed. When I picked the boys up from daycare today, they informed me that my little one bit 5 times today! I was flooded with dread. I now have the kid that everyone will label as the bad kid.

Let’s be clear, I saw this coming. At home when he gets angry he has bitten me. He has bitten his dad, and his brother. I tried the “bite him back” method. Needless to say it hasn’t worked for my tiny tot.

My little guy himself has been bitten. He knows what it feels like, but he continues this behavior.

I’m at a loss for what to do. Out Daycare has a policy that if they bite so many times in a day, they have to go home. I need to stop this habit now. Anyone have any advice??

Work Life Balance – Is it really as common as everyone says?

Everyone talks about work/life balance. There are companies who really prioritize work/life balance. Google is a common example. How common is it though?

I have been fortunate enough to work my normal 8-5 job at a place that is flexible. By flexibility, I have the option to work from home as needed. It cannot be on a consistent basis, but if the kids come down with something, I have the ability.

While this seems like a perk, lately I have been wondering if it really is or not. If my kid is sick, I don’t have to take a sick day, but trying to work and tend to them is not an easy task. If fact, it’s very stressful. I sometimes wish I could just take the day off and cuddle them.

Another “benefit” of my flexibility is that I can leave on time to pick the kids up from daycare and put any extra hours in from home. Again, this is a great option as I never have to worry about staying late, but sometimes it means I don’t get to spend time with my kids. If I do decide to not log in from home, I’m constantly feeling like I should be online. It’s hard to disconnect and take a break.

Recently with all of my “flexibility” I have had to work 70+ hours a week for my 8-5 job. It leaves little time to spend time with the family even though I am home. It is taking a toll on me and my family.

Sometimes I do wish I didn’t have the ability to work from home. After leaving for the day, I would be free to do what I wanted.

Will we ever get to a point that an 8-5 job is just that?

Antibiotics and Anxiety

Per usual, I have come down with my second sinus infection of the season. It happens AT LEAST twice a year.

I was prescribed Augmentin. I was just prescribed the same medicine back in December for my first sinus infection. I thought nothing of starting this round. I was feeling pretty bad and actually took a day off of work.

I started to experience dizziness and nausea. I knew that Augmentin could mess with my stomach, so I figured I’d have to deal with it. Lack of appetite, nausea, and dizziness continued over the next couple of days. My anxiety also skyrocketed.

I figured the dizziness was from sleeping funny and my anxiety was high because of the dizziness. Finally, I did a little research.

Turns outs, I think all of my symptoms are a reaction to the Augmentin. I know antibiotics kill ALL (bad and good) bacteria. I know how important gut health is and how it does effect my anxiety levels. I have been taking a probiotic with my antibiotic, but apparently it is not enough.

I will be calling my doctor tomorrow to find out my options. I cannot continue to take this round. My lack of eating along with my increased anxiety is too much for me to handle.

Antibiotic Injections

My little guy has had a fever (on and off) since Saturday. The flu was ruled out, but Monday we started oral antibiotics for an ear infection.

Tuesday he FINALLY saw some relief and his fever was gone! Happy dance for our household! Wednesday morning he woke up with a fever again!

All evening, he was very fussy and just wanted to sleep. By this morning, he was fever free again. But slowly throughout the morning it started to creep back up. He was fussy and refusing food.

We went back to the doctor and found out his antibiotics weren’t working. He receive one antibiotic injection in each leg, and has to return Saturday for another round.

We will have a consultation with the ENT in about a month.

Surprisingly, we saw a huge improvement in him by this evening. He was running around and playing with his brother. I’m hoping I have my happy little man back tomorrow!

How I got my 3 Yr Old to take his Vitamins daily


Is anyone surprised with this answer? Every imaginable virus has hit daycare hard last week. I have fought him for weeks about taking his daily vitamin, but never won.

Last week, I decided it wasn’t an option anymore. It was really my only way of feeling like I am helping prevent illness.

I offered fruit snacks.

I offered ice cream.

I offered M&Ms.

I threatened bedtime!

Finally, I threatened no IPad!!!

We had a winner. Everyday to “earn” his IPad privileges he has to take his vitamin. So days takes longer than others, but he ALWAYS gives in.

Anyone have any tricks they use to get their kids to take their vitamins?

Our Little Daredevil

Our second son is a dare devil. He is literally not scared of anything. He pushes his limits each and every day. He bumps his head daily (or at least it seems that way!)

Thursday night, he landed face first into our plastic toddler table/chair set. He caught the lip of the chair and now has a nice scrap on his face.

I was so nervous to take him to daycare the next day. I know it was an accident, but I’m sure some people are judging.

They say second children are a handful, and so far ours is proving that to be true!