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Antibiotic Injections

My little guy has had a fever (on and off) since Saturday. The flu was ruled out, but Monday we started oral antibiotics for an ear infection.

Tuesday he FINALLY saw some relief and his fever was gone! Happy dance for our household! Wednesday morning he woke up with a fever again!

All evening, he was very fussy and just wanted to sleep. By this morning, he was fever free again. But slowly throughout the morning it started to creep back up. He was fussy and refusing food.

We went back to the doctor and found out his antibiotics weren’t working. He receive one antibiotic injection in each leg, and has to return Saturday for another round.

We will have a consultation with the ENT in about a month.

Surprisingly, we saw a huge improvement in him by this evening. He was running around and playing with his brother. I’m hoping I have my happy little man back tomorrow!

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How I got my 3 Yr Old to take his Vitamins daily


Is anyone surprised with this answer? Every imaginable virus has hit daycare hard last week. I have fought him for weeks about taking his daily vitamin, but never won.

Last week, I decided it wasn’t an option anymore. It was really my only way of feeling like I am helping prevent illness.

I offered fruit snacks.

I offered ice cream.

I offered M&Ms.

I threatened bedtime!

Finally, I threatened no IPad!!!

We had a winner. Everyday to “earn” his IPad privileges he has to take his vitamin. So days takes longer than others, but he ALWAYS gives in.

Anyone have any tricks they use to get their kids to take their vitamins?

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Sick Baby – Flu Scare

My littlest has been congested since birth. Alright, I’m stretching the truth. But really, he has been congested/coughing for the last two weeks. I wasn’t overly concerned because he was still acting normal and he just had some new teeth poke through.

There have been news article after new article of young children passing away from flu complications. As soon as one of my has a sniffle, I am on edge (thank you anxiety!)

Friday night, my little one woke up and as soon as I picked him up I could tell he was hot. I took his temperature, and he was “only” at 101. I gave him some Tylenol and he went back to sleep. Four hours later, I took his temperature again and he was at 102. He was cranky and just plain acting sick at this point. I gave him Motrin and waited. After about an hour, he was still going strong at 102. I knew I wouldn’t be happy until he was checked out.

I took him the pediatrician. I am very thankful for their walk in hours. They checked him out and found an ear infection!! I had never been so happy to hear he had an ear infection. They still swabbed him for the flu, but luckily it came back negative.

Four doses of antibiotics later, I’m hoping we sleep better tonight.

I always feel like I’m overreacting when I run one of them to the doctor, but I’d rather be safe! I can’t wait for this cold/Flu season to be over.

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Corporate America- Sorry for Sharing My Pink Eye

Both of my kids are in daycare full time. They either catch or carry every virus/infection known to man.

This week, I’m lucky enough to have caught pink eye. Given my workload, taking a day off would have been frowned upon. And let’s be real parents, I have to save that call off incase I pass it on to one of my Littles.

Sorry colleagues, but you will have to be around me as I’m super contagious. Blame our no sick day policy.

Everyone stresses that if you are sick you should stay home. They mean that until you’re actually sick. When you are actually sick, it’s always an inconvenient time. Aside from vomiting, I will always be at work sharing!