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Antibiotics and Anxiety

Per usual, I have come down with my second sinus infection of the season. It happens AT LEAST twice a year.

I was prescribed Augmentin. I was just prescribed the same medicine back in December for my first sinus infection. I thought nothing of starting this round. I was feeling pretty bad and actually took a day off of work.

I started to experience dizziness and nausea. I knew that Augmentin could mess with my stomach, so I figured I’d have to deal with it. Lack of appetite, nausea, and dizziness continued over the next couple of days. My anxiety also skyrocketed.

I figured the dizziness was from sleeping funny and my anxiety was high because of the dizziness. Finally, I did a little research.

Turns outs, I think all of my symptoms are a reaction to the Augmentin. I know antibiotics kill ALL (bad and good) bacteria. I know how important gut health is and how it does effect my anxiety levels. I have been taking a probiotic with my antibiotic, but apparently it is not enough.

I will be calling my doctor tomorrow to find out my options. I cannot continue to take this round. My lack of eating along with my increased anxiety is too much for me to handle.

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Antibiotic Injections

My little guy has had a fever (on and off) since Saturday. The flu was ruled out, but Monday we started oral antibiotics for an ear infection.

Tuesday he FINALLY saw some relief and his fever was gone! Happy dance for our household! Wednesday morning he woke up with a fever again!

All evening, he was very fussy and just wanted to sleep. By this morning, he was fever free again. But slowly throughout the morning it started to creep back up. He was fussy and refusing food.

We went back to the doctor and found out his antibiotics weren’t working. He receive one antibiotic injection in each leg, and has to return Saturday for another round.

We will have a consultation with the ENT in about a month.

Surprisingly, we saw a huge improvement in him by this evening. He was running around and playing with his brother. I’m hoping I have my happy little man back tomorrow!

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Shoutout to All the Single Moms!

My husband has come down with strep/the flu. A man with the ACTUAL flu and not just the “man flu.” He was down for the count. I mean, I literally didn’t even talk to him for almost 24 hours!

Since we have two Little’s and I opted out of the flu vaccines, my husband stayed with his parents after his diagnosis. I know the boys were already exposed, but why continue to expose them.

This meant I would pick up the boys, do dinner, dishes, baths, playtime, bedtime routine, wake them up, get them dressed, get lunches, get them to daycare, and get to work on time. Let’s be honest, I normally do all of that but the husband sometimes helps with baths and playtime. I had this added pressure knowing that I was on my own. I had no backup. I was outnumbered!

I just wanted to give a shout out to those single moms who do this EVERY DAY. In case no one has told you today, YOU ROCK! You guys deserve some recognition and a vacation. I know as Moms we do what we have to do without thinking, but it doesn’t mean it is always easy.

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Sick Baby – Flu Scare

My littlest has been congested since birth. Alright, I’m stretching the truth. But really, he has been congested/coughing for the last two weeks. I wasn’t overly concerned because he was still acting normal and he just had some new teeth poke through.

There have been news article after new article of young children passing away from flu complications. As soon as one of my has a sniffle, I am on edge (thank you anxiety!)

Friday night, my little one woke up and as soon as I picked him up I could tell he was hot. I took his temperature, and he was “only” at 101. I gave him some Tylenol and he went back to sleep. Four hours later, I took his temperature again and he was at 102. He was cranky and just plain acting sick at this point. I gave him Motrin and waited. After about an hour, he was still going strong at 102. I knew I wouldn’t be happy until he was checked out.

I took him the pediatrician. I am very thankful for their walk in hours. They checked him out and found an ear infection!! I had never been so happy to hear he had an ear infection. They still swabbed him for the flu, but luckily it came back negative.

Four doses of antibiotics later, I’m hoping we sleep better tonight.

I always feel like I’m overreacting when I run one of them to the doctor, but I’d rather be safe! I can’t wait for this cold/Flu season to be over.

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Work Sucks after Christmas “Break”

Today was our first day back after our Christmas break. No work or daycare for 12 straight days!!!

Needless to say this morning was chaotic. It was my Little’s first day of Tiny Tot. My oldest was so far off his routine that getting ready was a chore.

We were (of course) running late, and to top it off I scheduled to drop my car off for inspection. Did I mention the “feels like” temp this morning was –4.

We got to daycare late, dropped my car off late, and then arrived to work late. I hope this isn’t any indication how my year is going to go!

Here’s our sad attempt at our “first day back” photo.

Here’s to hoping that this “short” week doesn’t feel like an eternity!

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2018 – You Will Be My Year

Day one of a new year.  For some reason, a new year is a hard starting point for people.  Everyone makes promises to themselves on how they want to better themselves in the upcoming year.  Some people decide not to make resolutions.  My thoughts on the subject, why not set new goals for yourself?  Yes, you may not be able to accomplish all of the goals on your list.  But, why would you not want to try and better yourself each year?  Maybe this year’s resolution is to continue pursuing your goal from last year that you have yet to fully accomplish.  There will be ups and downs on your way to achievement, but you have to continue to pursue your goal if it is something that you really want.

I will be setting goals for 2018.  I will try and accomplish as much as I can towards these goals,  If they are not complete by the end of 2018, I will continue on my journey in 2019.

My goals this year include:

  • I want to be present more when spending time with my family.Social media, worry, chores, and anxiety all keep me from really focusing on my family when we are together.  Nothing makes me feel more guilty then not enjoying the time I do have to spend with them.  My time is limited due to working full time.
  • I want to take more pictures of my family (including pictures of myself with my boys.)I have looked at my Timehop everyday for the past 6 months.  I noticed I was very good at taking pictures when my first son was born.  I have been slacking recently.  Also, I am very rarely in any of the pictures I take.  I need to stop worrying about what others may think about my appearance.  I want to be able to look back and remember the moments I had with my children and husband.
  • I want to take time for myself to help better myself.I have been unhappy with my appearance since having my second child.  The pounds didn’t fall off like after having my first.  I had severe postpartum anxiety/depression after my second as well.  Some anxiety has still lingered, and I fully believe if I have time to focus on myself I will begin to feel better about myself.  A mother/wife can not continue to pour if her cup is empty.  I believe every every mom needs time to focus on herself.  I plan to use my time to exercise and focus on meal planning.  I have also been using a product line that has helped with my anxiety.  I plan to take time to share these products with others.  If I can help one person, then sharing is worth it.

Sharing my goals will help give me accountability.   Write your goals down.  Share them with family or friends.  Or, share them in a group that will help give your support in achieving your goals.

Happy New Year.  Here’s to day one or our new chapter!


Face to Face Friday

I was going through my Timehop and a picture of me popped up from last year at this time. I was 2 months postpartum, and smaller than I am now!

Postpartum depression/anxiety hit me hard this time around. It was exactly a year ago today that I had the first panic attack that crippled my life. I could not force myself to drive for the next 4-5 months! That’s a long time when you work full time.

I was lucky enough to have the support of my family to get through one of the darkest times of my life. Also, I was lucky enough to have found supplements that could help as well. I tried many medications, but I could not get past the side effects.

This picture is just a reminder for me. Of where I was a year ago, how far I have come, and how far I still want to go on my current journey.